Veterinary Care Specialists (Milford, MI)

Veterinary Care Specialists, for 24/7 Emergency Medicine Critical Care, Veterinary Neurology, and Medical Boarding

24 hour veterinary specialty care. Veterinary Care Specialists offers 24 hour emergency veterinary care, surgical interventions, and critical care services for the seriously ill animal.
We can take care of any animal emergency, at any time. When your pet is having a medical emergency, needs surgery, or is seriously ill, Veterinary Care Specialists will treat your pet with care and respect and will provide the highest level of diagnostic, treatment, and monitoring services. The Veterinary Care Specialists animal emergency clinic is staffed 24 hours a day and receives patients any time of day or night .

Veterinary medicine for the patient with special needs. With our highly trained and credentialed staff, Veterinary Care Specialists can offer specialty services to animal owners whose pets present challenging diagnostic or medical management problems. We can also assist local veterinarians in general practice who wish to refer patients for services not available in their offices.

Veterinary neurology / epilepsy specialty services. Our clinical team is experienced in diagnosing and treating such problems as epilepsy and other seizure disorders, head and spinal cord trauma, back (disk) problems, and meningitis, and other conditions that are not uncommon but that can be very distressing to your pet and can present special challenges to pet owners.

Veterinary ultrasound. The ultrasound department at Veterinary Care Specialists can assist pet owners and referring veterinarians in pet breeding, cardiac and vascular assessment, including use of Doppler techniques, and abdominal evaluation.

Personalized veterinary care in a state-of-the-art medical facility with a natural setting. The Veterinary Care Specialists’ intensive care unit is outfitted with the most current diagnostic and therapeutic technology and equipment. For pets with a contagious condition, our isolation units will offer containment and comfort. Oxygen and anesthesia are nearby. In line with our commitment to attending to the whole patient, the rooms in our facility have windows that allow your pet to look out into the natural, wooded areas that surround our building.

Pet boarding / medical boarding, for animals who need medical monitoring. Because our medical staff is available around the clock, Veterinary Care Specialists can offer animal boarding for the pet with special needs.

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• Address: 205 Rowe Road, Milford MI 48340